The glamorous “Blue Butterfly Fish”

SEIKO Presents Brand New PROSPEX Diver's Watch in Limited Edition only for 2,200 pcs


The glamorous “Blue Butterfly Fish”

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SEIKO is never complacent with the Japan-made PROSPEX diver's watch launched in 1965. Ceaseless research and development has earned for SEIKO leadership in the field with diver's watches created with unique technology repeatedly impressing professional divers. This year, SEIKO is proud to present the brand new PROSPEX diver's watch. The new product is available in limited edition in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Macao only. The precious limited edition is in 2,200 pieces only. On top of standard features of water resistance and high recognition, the professional dual case and bright yellow color theme, together with its featured stylish deep blue strap design, will surely spark another fad for the collectibles.

First launch of 2,200 Blue Butterfly Fish with unique serials
PROSPEX SRPD15K1 the professional diver's watch is launched in limited edition in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Macao, with a quota of 2,200. Unique serial is engraved on the case back to mark the precious limited edition. Bright yellow is the themed color. PROSPEX SRPD15K1 features a deep blue or pure white strap which as associated with the blue butterfly fish swimming in the ocean, giving out its full charm in the marine.


Treasure of the Ocean: Stylist outlook, high functionality and practicability in One

The brand new PROSPEX SRPD15K1 professional diver's watch emphasizes both the outlook and the functions. The watch is equipped with 4R36 caliber, the case is made of reinforced glass, and with screw-down crown and back and 200m scuba diving functions, this ensures wearers can freely explore the deep ocean world without worry. The pretty and comfortable accordion-style strap perfectly fits the wrist and allows for expansion and contraction so that the watch remains tight on the wrist, allowing wearers to enjoy the joy under the sea freely.


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Product Lineup: SEIKO PROSPEX Diver's Watch Limited Edition (SRPD15K1)


SRPD15K1 (limited edition at 2,200pcs)

Specifications and main features

l   Caliber 4R36

l   Screw down crown and case back

l   Reinforced glass

l   Snake belly-style silicone band

l   200m Scuba Diver

l   Luminous pointers and hour markers

l   Date and day display

l   Diameter: 42.9mm

Release date

January, 2019


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